Commercial Photo Gallery

lobby of a movie theater with water damage on the floor and a drying equipment set up for mitigation process.

Even when there are no customers, water can damage your building

This local theater had a supply line break and needed water cleanup services asap! 

We responded quickly and began extracting the standing water immediately. We were then able to properly begin removal of all the wet and damaged materials.

Corner of office wall with baseboards removed and rectangular holes cut out of sheetrock, green air mover facing holes

Water damage restoration in Miami, Fl

When you return from a holiday weekend the last thing you want to find is standing water in your office. SERVPRO of Brickell can respond quickly and minimize the damage to your building. We will make sure that we provide the best water damage restoration service available in Miami, Fl.

A hallway with water damage and a man holding a thermal moisture meter that is showing him the wet areas on its screen

Commercial Water damage clean up

When this Key Largo, Fl commercial property had a sprinkler malfunction, they knew who to call! The water damaged most of the first floor it definitely required the expertise of water restoration experts like us!

Two men wearing SERVPRO attire, one man is on top of a water extraction device, the other is observing him work.

Water extraction is important

SERVPRO of Brickell has the training and the necessary equipment to get your Downtown Miami office building dry. Our team will properly extract the standing water from the affected area and set the needed equipment to get the area dry.

Man on knees cutting out damaged sheetrock in hallway

Importance of removing damaged materials

Our dedicated and highly trained crews are working hard for this local hotel. We are getting the water damaged materials out of the affected space to help get the area dry.  This also lessens the chance of secondary damage like mold growth.

room with flooring and part of sheetrock removed also has mitigation equipment and ladder still in the room

Water can cause major damage

We know how water damage can affect your business, we arrive quickly to help get the affected area dried properly. We set our drying equipment in the most effective manner so that, like this Miami office facility, we can get it dried efficiently and properly.

Water extraction tools

Our highly trained team of water restoration professionals are capable of extracting water from any surface. Here our crew is using the extraction rover to remove as much standing water as possible. Then they will set drying equipment in the proper areas.

Department Store Water Damage

This department store had a water leak in the wall and water flooded a corner of the store. We were called in as soon as the water started to fill up the floor. Luckily we were able to get there and clean up the water before any of the merchandise was damaged.

Duct Cleaning

This duct cleaning within a commercial building took several days and covered many different floors.This job took a few weeks to complete. SERVPRO of Brickell Professionals routinely inspect the heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit (HVAC).  Keeping them clean can extend the life of the equipment. This can in turn save you money and give you cleaner air to breathe.

Large Water Damage

This is a large water damage job that occurred at a bank in Downtown Brickell. There was so much water in the building that the elevator shafts got flooded with water as well.

Sewage Backup

This sewage backup happened in a commercial bathroom. We were called in immediately and got it all cleaned up within a few days. If your business ever suffers anything like this feel free to contact us at SERVPRO of Brickell.

Mold in Apartment

There was a broken pipe in one of the rooms of this apartment and it spread the water throughout other rooms. This created mold which we went and clean up.

Commercial Cleaning Job

We worked on a cleaning job for a big facility. Everything from the main floor and the basement was cleaned. We went and left the building looking "Like it never even happened."