What our Customers say...


Great service and great marketing reps.

Excellent work!

Patrick was amazing. I want him on this job site at all times.

Patrick is an asset to your company. Wonderful service.

Two months after Hurricane Michael, we still have damage to our home, luckily SERVPRO was able to help us not. Better late than never. Thank you SERVPRO of Brickell. 

The apartment building I work for needed carpet cleaning and we called SERVPRO of Brickell and they came out and helped us out.

I had a fire in my kitchen and SERVPRO was there to help.

I heard bad things about mold from friends and family. I would like to say that SERVPRO of Brickell showed me professionalism and were very punctual, while being able to finish the job for cheaper than I expected.

A man passed away in one of rooms, and no one had noticed until the smell got too bad and we had to call someone. SERVPRO came and cleaned up rather quickly and left it looking brand new.

If it weren't for SERVPRO of Brickell, I would still have soot all over my kitchen.

My toilet overflowed and I called SERVPRO to help clean up the mess. I thought I would never get that smell out of my apartment, thank you SERVPRO of Brickell.

SERVPRO of Brickell came out in a hurry and helped me get rid of the mold problem in the home I had just moved in to. If I ever have an emergency again, I will have them as my go-to.

My carpet needed a professional after a some time of it not being clean. SERVPRO offered me an affordable rate to clean my home and they did a great job. 

I am thankful that SERVPRO was able to help us in our time of need. After the storm, we had flooding damage throughout my entire home. They were able to get it cleaned up quickly.

Sometimes emergencies happen! And SERVPRO acted fast and very professional. They worked as a team 24 hour nonstop. I was very impressed with their professionalism and time management. I hope no one goes thru a flood emergency, but if happens here is a company to trust!


SERVPRO of Brickell's customer support is great and reliable. I will most definitely use them if I ever have anymore issues with my home.

SERVPRO of Brickell was quick to answer my call and was onsite that same day to evaluate. Their customer service was great and they were really reliable. I will most definitely continue to use them for my Association.

SERVPRO of Brickell staff was courteous, polite and helpful throughout the duration of the job. They were attentive to any concerns I had.

Mold tests came back clean, thank you SERVPRO!

Thank you for the fast and efficient work.

The SERVPRO team was professional and respectful of the complexities involved with a difficult situation.

The floors look great and the bad smell is gone.

We are truly grateful for the hard work and dedication your team placed on us through these hard times thank you.

Highly recommend. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Helped me keep the house I have owned for years. 

Very professional team, kept me updated during the process.

I didn’t think my business could stay open after the disaster. I thought we would be closed for a few days. But, thanks to this company, we weren't closed for too long.

Anyone looking for a fire damage repair service should look no further! SERVPRO answered the phone politely while answering all of my questions, and provided expert repair service to my home.

This company is what a storm damage repair service is meant to be. They helped us through our horrible experience with knowledge and understanding.

I could not afford to have my business slowed down because my dishwasher was shooting lots of water. SERVPRO came and cleaned everything up before anyone knew we had a problem.

There was a strange smell in my bathroom over the past couple of days. We called SERVPRO and they were so helpful that I recommend them to all of my friends.

I thought that having fire damage in my home was going to take a long time to be cleaned up. I was surprised in how efficiently and quickly SERVPRO finished the job. 

SERVPRO acted fast and very professional. They worked as a team 24 hour nonstop. I was very impressed with their professionalism and time management.

My pipes burst in my basement when they froze. SERVPRO came out and helped me for a good price.

My whole apartment was underwater since the hurricane hit. Luckily, the people at SERVPRO found time to help me as quickly as possible.

I was cooking and had an accident, which started a fire in my kitchen that burnt most of y kitchen. SERVPRO was able to restore most of my kitchen for a reasonable price. 

Along with around 20 other rooms affected by water damage. SERVPRO came out and cleaned up all the damage within 4-5 days.

I was so disgusted when I realized we had mold in our bathroom. Your technicians helped us clean it up properly and stop the source of moisture that was feeding the mold.

A pipe broke in my kitchen. I thought getting water restoration services was going to be a lengthy and expensive. However, I found the number to your company online and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it was completed and how affordable it was.

I called SERVPRO because of a funny smell in my apartment. Turns out it was mold and SERVPRO did a great job communicating with me during the remediation process.

I came home from work and my whole apartment was basically flooded. Thank you SERVPRO of Brickell for cleaning it up within a few days!