Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Floods in Tennessee

This storm happened in Tennessee where a lot of flooding took place. Many home like the one above were heavily impacted and needed immediate help. Being apart o... READ MORE

Kansas Storm

This water damage was the cause of the temperature dropping really fast, thus freezing the pipes. The water went to one of the bedrooms and the garage. As part ... READ MORE

Storm Damage in New York

This storm damage in New York City was caused by Hurricane Sandy. Leaving lots of water damage in its place we were there a day after the hurricane already left... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Florida Panhandle

This home was filled with a few feet of water after a hurricane came through and destroyed everything around it. Most citizens were evacuated for safety purpose... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Pensacola, FL

This damaged was caused by Hurricane Michael. We were in Pensacola two days after the storm had hit. With a countless amount of damage done around the panhandle... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Kansas

This is a storm damage we worked on as part of the disaster team at the beginning of 2018. it got so cold that the water pipes broke in the basement and flooded... READ MORE