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Water damage in large complex

When we arrived to this property, the property manager informed us that a pipe had burst in one unit and it had affected many different areas. He did turn the w... READ MORE

Golf cart battery explosion

Many large commercial properties offer door to car services in their parking lots and garages. They do this for many reasons, one being coneinvece, and another ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Bedroom

The best team prepared for whatever happens! If your Miami property has been damaged by water caused by flooding or water leaks, SERVPRO of Brickell has the exp... READ MORE

Water Damage

This water damage job took place in a commercial building covering a few floors. Originating from a fire sprinkler, the water trickled down to the other floors.... READ MORE

Floods in Tennessee

This storm happened in Tennessee where a lot of flooding took place. Many home like the one above were heavily impacted and needed immediate help. Being apart o... READ MORE

Water Damage in Office Building

This water damage happened in an office. The extent of the water damage took over the entire office spanning from one side to another. We were called in to help... READ MORE

Kitchen Mold

This mod was found in the kitchen of a home where a couple had just moved in to. We were called in due to a strange smell in the kitchen and some mold in the pa... READ MORE

Department Store Water Damage

This department store had a water leak in the wall and water flooded a corner of the store. We were called in as soon as the water started to fill up the floor.... READ MORE

Kansas Storm

This water damage was the cause of the temperature dropping really fast, thus freezing the pipes. The water went to one of the bedrooms and the garage. As part ... READ MORE

Mold Damage

This mold damage was caused by a pipe being broken in the attic and dripping down the walls. The residents who lived here had no idea of the water leak, which a... READ MORE